This blog post is just a table of contents I’ve created to help you efficiently navigate through various announcements related to byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services.

Cognitive Services is our AI-powered product (Artificial Intelligence), dedicated to Industry 4.0 automation.

It primarily enables 2 things:

  • AI-assisted visual inspection (product quality, process monitoring),
  • Big Data analytics.

I will be explaining these in more detail in the upcoming blog posts. Consequently, I will keep this post up to date.

byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services — AI for Industry 4.0

Table of Contents

  1. Machine Vision, how AI brings value to industries
  2. Cognitive Automation helps where RPAs fall short
  3. AI for Manufacturing: Edge AI, Federated Learning, Computer Vision (webinar)
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This blog post is just a table of contents I’ve created to help you efficiently navigate through various announcements related to one of the most exciting projects (we call it a moonshot project) we’re working on at byteLAKE.

It’s called CFD Suite and it’s about delivering a collection of innovative AI Models for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Yes, FEA in the title is not a mistake. Finite Element Analysis is gradually landing on the roadmap as well.

Table of Contents

  1. First announcement, our very first post on LinkedIn where we announced the course of the CFD Suite project. Unlike in the past, our strategy is to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) rather than any other ways to accelerate and enable new possibilities for engineering simulations. …

byteLAKE team hopes you popped the champagne and all had a mighty celebration for the start of the new year. It’s certainly a well-deserved joy!

While we enjoyed our own celebrations, we’re back in action working on our AI-powered products. We will soon be sharing some exciting updates about CFD Suite (AI-accelerated CFD/ Computational Fluid Dynamics) and Cognitive Services (AI for Industry 4.0 offering visual inspection automation and big data analytics).

This is, of course, the time of year when many of us are considering our goals and plans. If you’re making plans regarding Artificial Intelligence, it’s good to get started with an expert in the field. Therefore you shall definitely add our “AI in Business” training to your calendar. After successful editions in the past months, we are planning to announce new dates for 2021. …

Grudzień to czas na prezenty i aby tradycji stało się zadość, mam jeden dla Was. Ale o tym za chwilę. Ostatnie miesiące w byteLAKE to bardzo intensywny okres: nowe produkty, szeroko zakrojone badania naukowe i oczywiście kilka wywiadów po drodze. W końcu pierwsze wdrożenia, pierwsze informacje zwrotne od klientów, aktualizacja roadmapy etc. Rozmowy jakie odbyliśmy uświadomiły nam, że po drodze zdobyliśmy całkiem pokaźne doświadczenie.

Wdrożenie czy nawet przygotowanie firmy by maksymalnie wykorzystała możliwości oferowane przez sztuczną inteligencję to jednocześnie bardzo ekscytująca podróż ale i dla wielu wycieczka w nieznane.

Strategia Wdrożenia AI — jak zacząć?

Postanowiliśmy podzielić się wiedzą zdobytą w trakcie naszych projektów i w związku z tym przygotowaliśmy darmowe szkolenie. …

2020 is slowly approaching its finishing line, but certainly, there are still some fascinating and good things awaiting us. One of these is:

Lenovo Data Center and byteLAKE have been shortlisted for the 2020 AIconics award !!!

Lenovo Data Center and byteLAKE shortlisted for the 2020 AIconics award

It’s like being nominated for a… Grammy Award but in a special category dedicated for businesses bringing outstanding value in the Artificial Intelligence space, both research, innovations, services, and actual deployments, and product build-up. This year we have been nominated in the “AI for Good” category within the “Ecosystem & Vertical Group”.

We are super happy and proud to be recognized and nominated for this prestigious award. That is another factor that motivates us to continue our efforts by delivering AI-powered products across industries as well as contribute further to the machine and deep learning research space. Being shortlisted among the best global brands and together with our partner, Lenovo Data Center also proves that success is always a result of teamwork. …

Produkcja papieru jest procesem wieloetapowym. Jak podaje Wikipedia, nowoczesna produkcja papieru rozpoczęła się w Europie na początku XIX wieku wraz z rozwojem maszyny Fourdrinier (znanej również jako maszyna papiernicza). Urządzenie takie wytwarza ciągłą rolkę papieru. Jak dalej opisuje Wikipedia, nowoczesna papiernia (= fabryka papieru) jest podzielona na kilka sekcji […]. Miazga jest rafinowana i mieszana w wodzie z innymi dodatkami w celu uzyskania zawiesiny (pulpy). Skrzynia wlewowa maszyny papierniczej (Headbox) rozprowadza zawiesinę na ruchomym ciągłym sicie, woda spływa z zawiesiny (grawitacyjnie lub pod próżnią), mokry arkusz papieru przechodzi przez prasy i wysycha (Forming Fabric), a na koniec zwijany jest w duże rolki.

Paper production is a multi-phase process. As per Wikipedia, modern papermaking began in the early 19th century in Europe with the development of the Fourdrinier machine (aka paper machine). This machine produces a continuous roll of paper. As it is further described on Wikipedia, a modern paper mill (=factory making paper) is divided into several sections […]. Pulp is refined and mixed in water with other additives to make a pulp slurry. The head-box of the paper machine distributes the slurry onto a moving continuous screen, water drains from the slurry (by gravity or under vacuum), the wet paper sheet goes through presses and dries, and finally rolls into large rolls. …

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in manufacturing is very likely to be valued at almost USD 16 billion by 2026 (compared to roughly around USD 1 billion being expected in 2020). This is driven by the same factors that push forward the adoption of machine learning and deep learning techniques across industries. These are namely, new algorithms design, specialized hardware and cloud services becoming available, so-called data explosion (Big Data) enabling quality AI training, both open-source and proprietary software libraries development, growing investments, number of applications and an increased demand. In the case of Industry 4.0, however, AI adoption is further driven by a growing importance of general automation, robots and in many cases closely related industrial Internet of Things (IoT) deployments like sensors measuring production parameters, cameras taking snapshots along production lines etc. …

This is my personal translation of the article that was originally published at I decided to do so as its publication coincided with byteLAKE’s plans to wrap up some of our Artificial Intelligence software services and tools into products dedicated to manufacturing or generally speaking Industry 4.0 automation enablement if you like. Also, let me use this opportunity to invite you to the upcoming conference: Made in Wroclaw which this time is going to be online and the admission is completely free (October 20–22, 2020). And of course it will be a great opportunity to learn more about AI-powered solutions from byteLAKE. Reach out to us ( …

As I wrote in my previous post here, during the third weekend of September 2020 we organized the first event for drones’ operators. The goal was to take as many as possible aerial photos so that Ewa Guard could analyze them and locate illegally dumped tires.

Ewa Guard locates illegal dumping areas

The response was much better than expected! Tens of drones’ operators across Poland joined the initiative and literally within the first hours generated hundreds of gigabytes of data and lots of images. THANK YOU!

Out of sheer curiosity, we of course briefly looked at the pictures and sadly said: “there are no tires!”. UPDATE 2020–09–24: then we asked volunteers to help us analyze the pictures manually. Very high resolution of images in high amounts got the teams very tired quickly. Needless to say that after all there was nothing exciting in browsing through images just to find maybe some that accidentally included small tires. …


Marcin Rojek

Co Founder @ byteLAKE | AI & HPC Solutions | AI for CFD, Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Restaurants, Document Processing etc.

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