AI for CFD: join our community (part 2) (aka Artificial Intelligence in CFD Groups)

Marcin Rojek
3 min readApr 26, 2020

Previously I explained my team’s plans about bringing Artificial Intelligence to the world of Computational Fluid Dynamics. This time I only want to add a few words about the groups we’re setting up for engineers, researchers, programmers, business people, and everyone interested in the topic.

But before that, let me share a bit of how the AI in CFD research is progressing at byteLAKE. We have temporarily switched our focus from motorBike simulation modeling to an idealized advection. We did so to ensure that our AI model can work across different use cases. I know the whole project is still in its infancy but already at this stage, we want to have our framework ready for cross use case simulations. Anyway, we measured the quality of the results for the advection and got Pearson correlation 0.998, Spearman correlation 0.996, relative error 0.024%, MSE <0.001. So looks like our AI model is in a pretty good shape. I will keep you posted. Going back to the groups…

Join the discussions!

We have created dedicated groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and are going to post our main updates in both places. Nevertheless, the discussions might spin-off in various directions so I highly recommend following all 2.

Join our dedicated groups here:

Also available thru aliases: and respectively.

The group is intended for all interested in exploring the potential and most importantly seeing the results and benefits of AI in CFD. Whether you have already done research in the space, followed or been part of the project somehow touching the area, or just want to follow the initiative, you are warmly welcomed to join the discussions.

It is exciting to see that the community is growing almost daily. We are working hard at byteLAKE to deliver valuable resources as we believe that AI for CFD will bring a completely new value across many industries. Moreover, with promises like real-time simulations, it will certainly become a game-changing opportunity.

Also, thank you all for all the encouraging comments. They motivate us to accelerate our efforts. We have already made a strategic decision to expand our strategic partnerships around the initiative, a topic about which I will share more details in some of my future posts.

Having said that, I would like to encourage you all to join the groups and use them as the opportunity to (yes!) follow the progress of related efforts at byteLAKE but also for social communication, such as

  • share your thoughts, research and project results in the space
  • announce any parallel initiatives about the same (it is a vast area and chances are we might have complementary ideas, could be an opportunity to do some parts together, etc.)
  • find people involved in similar research initiatives
  • link related papers, projects
  • share relevant speaking opportunities/ call for papers/ conferences
  • present your results in the field
  • discuss strategies
  • describe problems you think AI could or should address in CFD
  • and everything that somehow falls into a bucket of AI + CFD.

Please refrain from posting irrelevant stuff or typical spam. It is OK to promote your solutions though. But first and foremost, let’s stick to the topic.

Thanks everybody for joining the groups. Let’s build a great community together!

That’s all for now. See you in part 3!




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