Artificial Intelligence for Industry 4.0 (blog post series) — table of contents

This blog post is just a table of contents I’ve created to help you efficiently navigate through various announcements related to byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services.

Cognitive Services is our AI-powered product (Artificial Intelligence), dedicated to Industry 4.0 automation.

It primarily enables 2 things:

  • AI-assisted visual inspection (product quality, process monitoring),
  • Big Data analytics.

I will be explaining these in more detail in the upcoming blog posts. Consequently, I will keep this post up to date.

byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services — AI for Industry 4.0

Table of Contents

  1. Machine Vision, how AI brings value to industries
  2. Cognitive Automation helps where RPAs fall short
  3. AI for Manufacturing: Edge AI, Federated Learning, Computer Vision (webinar)
    Related presentation on SlideShare
    Direct link to a video
  4. Revolution in factories: Industry 4.0. (conference: Made in Wroclaw 2020) (translation)
    Video recording (in Polish, English subtitles)
    • Presentation in English, in Polish
  5. AI-accelerated Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations (blog post series)
  6. Backoffice tasks automation: AI for document processing
  7. Recording of Rapid Bytes webinar. An Eye For Quality Control
  8. byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services, AI for Industry 4.0
    Related presentation on SlideShare (Polish version / wersja polska prezentacji tutaj)
  9. AI-assisted real-time visual monitoring for paper production (paper industry) (Polish version / wersja polska artykułu tutaj)
  10. More topics to be announced soon…

Highlights: press releases with clients and partners + case studies.

Written by

Co Founder @ byteLAKE | AI & HPC Solutions | AI for CFD, Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Restaurants, Document Processing etc.

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