Artificial Intelligence for Industry 4.0 (blog post series) — table of contents

Cognitive Services is a collection of AI models for manufacturing, enabling AI-assisted Visual Inspection and Big Data analytics.

byteLAKE: AI for Chemical Industry, Paper Industry and Manufacturing.

Table of Contents

  1. Machine Vision, how AI brings value to industries
  2. Cognitive Automation helps where RPAs fall short
  3. AI for Manufacturing: Edge AI, Federated Learning, Computer Vision

    Presentation from the webinar
    Video recording
  4. Revolution in factories: Industry 4.0.
    (conference: Made in Wroclaw 2020)

    Video recording (in Polish, English subtitles)
    • Presentation in English, in Polish
  5. AI-accelerated Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations (blog post series)
  6. Backoffice tasks automation: AI for document processing
  7. Recording of “Rapid Bytes, Big Insights” webinar.
    An Eye For Quality Control
  8. byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services, AI for Industry 4.0
    Related presentation on SlideShare (Polish version here)
  9. AI-assisted real-time visual monitoring for paper production (paper industry) (Polish version here)
  10. byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services product presentation and case study for Paper Mill automation (Jan’21)
    (Lenovo’s WinterStock’21 online conference
    • webinar available on-demand: Artificial Intelligence for Industry 4.0: AI-assisted Quality Control in Manufacturing
    video recording:
  11. Edge Computing meets Industrial IoT — webinars in March’21
  12. Be more productive with AI: AI for Industry 4.0
    (webinar, May 20th 2021)
  13. byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services: product’s websites
    byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services
    AI-assisted Visual Inspection
    AI-powered Big Data Analytics
    AI for Paper Industry (AI-assisted wet line detection and monitoring in paper production)
    • Social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)
    • byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services Showcase Page (LinkedIn)
  14. WHITEPAPER: Wet Line Detector for Paper Industry
  15. Artificial Intelligence — the driving force of Industry 4.0
    (Polish version here)
  16. PRESS RELEASE: Intel & byteLAKE develop AI for Industry 4.0
  17. REPORT: byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services accelerated with Intel’s OpenVINO
    — benchmark results
  18. byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services — product announcement (Aug’21): product optimized for Intel’s OpenVINO, ensuring maximum performance on CPU-only infrastructures. ALL OUR CLIENTS ELIGIBLE FOR AN UPGRADE TO THE LATEST VERSION, delivering 10x better performance:
  19. More topics to be announced.

Reach out to us to learn more and test Cognitive Services!




Co Founder @ byteLAKE | AI-accelerated CFD | AI for Chemical Industry, Paper Industry, Manufacturing | Industry 4.0

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Marcin Rojek

Marcin Rojek

Co Founder @ byteLAKE | AI-accelerated CFD | AI for Chemical Industry, Paper Industry, Manufacturing | Industry 4.0

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