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Marcin Rojek
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Climb aboard as I explore the exciting intersection of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), sharing insights from byteLAKE’s CFD Suite product enhancements to their real-world applications. This blog post is your gateway to the world of CFD Suite, where I describe byteLAKE’s research, development, and deployments. I’ll provide insights that shed light on the powerful synergy between AI and CFD.

But that’s not all — this blog post is a living entity, constantly evolving. I’ll continue to share fresh updates, ensuring you’re at the forefront of our CFD innovations. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to explore the future of CFD simulations with me and byteLAKE’s CFD Suite team!

What is CFD Suite?

Accelerate your Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations by leveraging the speed and efficiency of artificial intelligence. Slash simulation times, minimize trial-and-error costs, and supercharge decision-making for heightened productivity. Learn more at

AI-accelerated CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)

Table of Contents (latest at the bottom)


  1. First announcement, our very first public announcement of the CFD Suite project and related research work. We have concluded on our various research efforts related to the CFD simulations acceleration and are now focused on leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize CFD workloads.
  2. CFD Suite (AI-accelerated CFD) — project introduction in 3 parts:
    Intro (part 1:
    The Community (part 2
    byteLAKE’s approach to AI-accelerated CFD (part 3:
  3. Gemma Church investigates how CFD is extending its reach across multiple industries (article in Scientific Computing World, Autumn 2020)
    • E-book:
    • Article:
  4. Product presentation and results during Lenovo’s WinterStock’21 conference (Jan’21).
    • Announcement: AI-accelerated chemical mixing CFD simulation
    • Webinar available on-demand: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Accelerated with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    • Recording:
  5. Product presentation and results during MLPrague 2021 conference (Feb’21).
    Technical presentation and a mastermind session.
    CFD acceleration with AI (mastermind session: byteLAKE, Tridiagonal Solutions, Lenovo, Intel) (recording)
  6. CFD Suite: product’s websites
    byteLAKE’s CFD Suite
    • byteLAKE on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)
    • CFD Suite Showcase Page (LinkedIn)
  7. How does byteLAKE’s CFD Suite work?
  8. byteLAKE’s CFD Suite, licensing model:
  9. byteLAKE’s CFD Suite: HPC scalability report:
    • Summary:
    • Download the report:
  10. Is my CPU-only HPC cluster any good for AI-accelerated CFD?:
  11. REPORT: byteLAKE among 5 top startups & scaleups working on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
    • Source: Discover 5 Top Startups working on Computational Fluid Dynamics (
  12. Powering the Engines of Data Science (Lenovo TechWorld 2021) — Lenovo & byteLAKE presenting AI case studies for industries, incl. AI-accelerated CFD.
    Session available on-demand
  13. CFD Suite (AI-accelerated CFD): AI training at the Edge. Hardware recommendations and the benchmark.
    • Part 1: benchmark goals, industry of focus, hardware selection.
    • Part 2: benchmark results and highlights about CFD Suite’s updated architecture.
    • Part 3: CFD Suite — complete offering for clients incl. software license + AI training capabilities at the Edge HPC.
    • Download the report:
  14. byteLAKE’s CFD Suite (AI-accelerated CFD) | PPT (
  15. Accelerating Time to Insights for Automotive — Live Demo and Presentation at SC23 in Denver, Colorado. | by Marcin Rojek | Nov, 2023 | Medium
  16. AI-accelerated CFD: INVITATION to participate in byteLAKE’s Case Study | by Marcin Rojek | Oct, 2023 | Medium
  17. Unleashing the Power of AI in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) (
  18. Mini Series: AI going beyond AI-accelerated CFD
    Unlocking the Power of AI: Transforming Data into Actionable Insights | by Marcin Rojek | Apr, 2024 | Medium
    Elevating Engineering Simulations: The AI Revolution in Computational Fluid Dynamics | by Marcin Rojek | Apr, 2024 | Medium
    Advancing Engineering Simulations: The Role of AI in Computational Fluid Dynamics | by Marcin Rojek | Apr, 2024 | Medium
  19. More topics to be announced

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byteLAKE’s CFD Suite (AI-accelerated CFD)
CFD Suite’s Accelerator and Supervisor
byteLAKE’s CFD Suite (AI-accelerated CFD) — Example Results
byteLAKE’s CFD Suite (AI-accelerated CFD) — Benefits
byteLAKE’s CFD Suite (AI-accelerated CFD) — webinar
byteLAKE’s CFD Suite (AI-accelerated CFD) — globally recognized innovation

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