Artificial Intelligence in Poland

AI-based technology is used by 34% of companies in Poland and by four out of ten companies in Europe, according to a survey commissioned by the European Commission, as reported by (Polish AI) portal.

In Poland, AI solutions are designed and implemented by the Wrocław-based company named byteLAKE . byteLAKE cooperates (among others) with factories where they help build intelligent vision systems. Such systems leverage technologies called Computer Vision (aka Machine Vision) and are primarily used to automate and increase efficiency in quality control processes. Cameras combined with artificial intelligence can “observe” what is happening on production lines or in the areas where the company’s work is carried out. Then artificial intelligence modules analyze collected data and inform the crew about detected irregularities or issues (e.g. a defect in a product, stain on the conveyor belt, the occurrence of a phenomenon threatening health), or simply ensure the proper operation of the devices.

Another example of Polish deployment done by byteLAKE is document processing automation. Brainello project being one such example. It is an intelligent OCR for invoices. brainello can extract data from documents without the need to create templates, which greatly simplifies and shortens the process of entering the data into various systems like ERP or workflows. It is worth mentioning that brainello has been designed so that its engine can be re-trained to handle other similar tasks, such as analysis of leasing contracts, applications related to loan restructuring, etc.

Besides these, byteLAKE also cooperates with the companies from industries like medical, logistics, and broadly across industry 4.0. There, artificial intelligence is used not only to analyze images/videos or documents but also for sounds or sensors data (IoT / Internet of Things) processing.

Scientists from byteLAKE are very often authors of innovative and state-of-the-art solutions that go far beyond the possibilities offered by ready-made components available on the market. Therefore, the company puts a strong emphasis on cooperation with the international scientists and often publishes new achievements in the field of artificial intelligence (and the related field of HPC — High-Performance Computing) to prestigious journals. You can find out more about these efforts at

Globally, the company provides solutions in the USA, Israel, EU, and is active in Singapore, Canada, South America, and Saudi Arabia where it offers both expertise AI software services and its own products. Given locations: as of 07.2020.

In Poland, byteLAKE received prestigious awards for innovation in the field of artificial intelligence, including NEW@Poland (link to the article).

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