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brainello: AI taking over boring stuff so you can focus on inspiring jobs

In one of my previous articles, I explained what brainello was and how easy its integration or deployment was. Remember that? It’s like 1,2,3!

brainello = OCR for invoices, AI-powered. No templates!

And when I say no templates I really mean that. No templates, no rules. After all, what’s the point of talking about automation when you need to spend hours configuring the tool almost every time you want to use it? Well, that’s certainly not the case for brainello. It’s designed to be… invisible. Seriously, brainello can read your invoices and enter them into your systems for you right from the start. And I’ll say that again: no templates, no rules. We left this task to AI/ Artificial Intelligence. Shouldn’t I say, that’s how it post to be?

In other words, brainello grabs all your invoices, one by one, analyzes them with embedded AI algorithms and extracts information like bank accounts, personal data, gross/ net values etc. It also does some validation like for instance dates are converted into one format no matter how they are written on the invoice: “in 2 wks”, “14 days”, “4/10/2020” will all be transformed into “2020–04–10”. As a user, you no longer need to enter the invoices manually into your system. Instead of reading the scans, finding the values and entering them into various fields, brainello will do it for you. If brainello is unsure about certain information, it will trigger an alert for you to validate the result. But hey, there are no AI solutions that guarantee 100% accuracy! On a flip side, it’s good to leave the final say to us, humans. I’ll add that brainello has the capability to analyze our actions and learn over time… And there’s more so you need to see a demo and try it for yourself.

Meet John!

John has mixed feelings about his job. Over the years he developed a habit of visiting his company’s mailroom just to take a look at the scanner. Before long, John was doing so many times a day. Seeing a pile of invoices always sent the shivers down his spine. Nothing positive though. Empty documents feeder, on the other hand, would normally keep him focused on creative tasks but eying everyone entering the mailroom always sent John on a downward spiral with all the feelings and emotions only Michael Jackson was able to grasp in his notorious Thriller ;) :) ;) Let me quote only a part of it:

“The foulest stench is in the air
The funk of 40 thousand years (Thriller night, thriller)
And grisly ghouls from every tomb (*)
Are closing in to seal your doom
And though you fight to stay alive
Your body starts to shiver (I’m gonna thrill you tonight)
For no mere mortal can resist
The evil of the thriller!

(*) could that refer to invoices piling up to seal John’s doom?

Needless to say, whatever the feeder, empty or full, it always distracted John because he knew, the day of entering the invoices in to the system would eventually come, and then again and again… Would it help if John moved his desk somewhere else? Away from the scary mailroom?

Meet Cyntia, John’s colleague. She will probably never forget the panic in John’s wide-eyed gaze when she first met him screaming and shouting trying to escape the mailroom. Cyntia is not an expert in AI/ Artificial Intelligence. One thing she knows for sure is that it’s intended to augment human capabilities and offload us from all the boring tasks. To cut a long story short you can probably guess what she did :) Hope the story at least reminded you of a great song I kind of play every now and then. And before you drift to another website, consider playing with the below quiz :) Enjoy the day!

What head will you wear after visiting your mailroom?

Get rid of boring tasks from your backlog with brainello.

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