byteLAKE seeking partners to build solutions that leverage byteLAKE’s products

We are looking for commercial partners (worldwide) with whom we will find synergies and jointly build solutions that will leverage one of byteLAKE’s products.

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byteLAKE’s Products & Services

In particular:

1. CFD Suite: a collection of AI / Artificial Intelligence Models to significantly accelerating and enabling new possibilities for CFD / Computational Fluid Dynamics.

2. brainello: AI / Artificial Intelligence-powered OCR, extracting information from invoices. There is no need to prepare any templates upfront. We left this task to AI.

3. Ewa Guard: AI / Artificial Intelligence for automated drone’s footage analytic (i.e. counting trees, detecting illegal dumping areas) or for manufacturing (intelligent cameras detecting errors on production lines).

Check our recording from the 2nd EUREKA GlobalStars-Singapore Call (2020) pitching session and reach out to us directly to learn more. E-mail: Again, we are looking for partners globally.

- CFD Suite:
- brainello:
- Ewa Guard:
- byteLAKE research:
- byteLAKE products:
- Related Call: (2nd EUREKA GlobalStars-Singapore Call 2020)

Looking forward to hearing from our next global partners!

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Co Founder @ byteLAKE | AI & HPC Solutions | AI for CFD, Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Restaurants, Document Processing etc.

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