byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services @ Intel® IoT RFP Ready Kit Solutions Playbook

Marcin Rojek
1 min readMay 9, 2022


Have you seen Intel’s latest IoT RFP Ready Kit Solutions Playbook yet? We are happy to see byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services there!

We have already deployed our product in Paper Mills where our solution helps monitor the paper-making process and avoid expensive downtimes.

Also, the cognitive services have been successfully deployed in manufacturing, helping production engineers optimize various operations related to faulty parts early detection. Besides AI-assisted Visual Inspection, we have upgraded the product with AI-powered Big Data analytics where we can find answers hidden in data received via various IoT sensors like microphones for instance.

Yet so much more is on our roadmap! Plus, we have also optimized all our AI software with Intel’s latest OpenVINO, ensuring excellent performance, compatibility across various configurations, matching GPU performance and most importantly, reducing the total cost of ownership for our clients!


Powered by Intel AI, OpenVINO

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Marcin Rojek

Co Founder @ byteLAKE | AI-accelerated CFD | AI for visual inspection | AI for car engines sound analytics | AI for Restaurants

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