Ewa Guard, artificial intelligence will clean up the world

We have just completed the first pilot action in which artificial intelligence helped clean up the world. As part of this year’s international clean-up the world campaign, an annual event taking place around the world during the third weekend of September, byteLAKE , Lenovo and the Resq Foundation have supported the initiative with their technological building blocks. Ewa Guard supported the initiative throughout the weekend. I can summarize the event with these words: an explosion of positive energy, drones and hundreds of gigabytes of data!

EWA Guard (Earth Water Air Guard) is a software that uses artificial intelligence to analyze images from drones and e.g. detects and locates illegal garbage dumps.

Ewa Guard in action

A clean world map is being created on the project website (about which I’ll write more soon). You will also be able to join the initiative there. Meanwhile, people interested in participating in pilot actions should contact us by e-mail: pawel@resqfoundation.pl or EwaGuard@byteLAKE.com.

If you have a drone and want to help clean up the world, please contact us. Together, we will combine business with pleasure. Submit your photos to Ewa Guard and let the powerful artificial intelligence algorithms analyze them and map places where social campaigns should be organized. Together we will locate and get rid of illegal dumps. We believe that groups have the enormous potential and strength to act. Let’s work on it together!

Each drone owner generates huge portions of data, the potential of which is not fully leveraged and, unfortunately, wasted. Sharing them with Ewa Guard will help create a map:

  • supporting investment decisions (after all who wants to live in a polluted area or where the surrounding forests look more like landfills than recreational areas?),
  • helping local governments locate places that require attention, need more efficient clean-up actions and eventually place them higher in the Ewa Guard friendly and clean areas rank
  • allowing us to organize more precise social campaigns, such as last weekend, where we removed dozens of tires and bags from the forests.

In 2020, rubbish in the forest is unfortunately a real plague. Polish State Forests pay PLN 20 million (USD 5.3M) annually for removing rubbish abandoned illegally in forest areas. Let’s use the available technologies to effectively locate places that need a clean-up!

Ewa Guard has been designed so that we can easily enhance its detection mechanisms by adding new types of garbage. Today we locate abandoned tires, tomorrow plastic bags, and in a month, who knows, maybe refrigerators, cars, etc. Additionally, thanks to powerful supercomputers from Lenovo Data Center, we have optimized the artificial intelligence algorithms so that their training now takes only a few hours instead of several weeks. This in turn translates into significantly reduced energy consumption. This is another aspect (Green Computing) that our scientists are constantly working on.

Product spin-off

Ewa Guard is also the first product spin-off from byteLAKE. Together with the Resq Foundation, we decided to spin off the Ewa Guard initiative so that it can purely focus on addressing ecological and environmental problems with technology. Cleaning up the world is undoubtedly one of them. Thanks to this, Ewa Guard will be able to focus on ecological problems much more effectively. A strong partnership with byteLAKE will ensure Ewa Guard has access to the latest technologies. The Resq Foundation will ensure access to the data and will focus on organizing social events (among the others). Other Computer Vision and Machine Vision activities at byteLAKE will be now continued under our Cognitive Services initiative, an effort to wrap-up our related solutions and turn them into products for Industry 4.0, with Manufacturing being the first beneficiary (byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services). Exciting press release with first clients is on its way so stay tuned!.

Regarding the aforementioned weekend action... On behalf of the entire byteLAKE team, Resq Foundation and, above all, Ewa Guard, we would like to thank all participants for their great contributions. The data is constantly being uploaded to us and Ewa Guard is analyzing it. First of all, a huge thank you to the community: Drones — we fly safely , DRONES Polska and the Our Earth Foundation. At the end of the event, we were also invited to appear at the upcoming conference on vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles (flying, driving, floating, also in space). We will tell you where and when you can meet us soon. For this purpose, we invite you to follow our channels on social media (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/byteLAKE/and https://www.facebook.com/resqmobile , LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/bytelake , Twitter: https://twitter.com/byteLAKEGlobal ).

Meanwhile, I invite you to watch the absolute world premiere of a short video about Ewa Guard, explaining its mission and vision. It is being turned into reality by the amazing Ewa Guard team.

Got a drone? Join the initiative now. Email us: pawel@resqfoundation.pl or EwaGuard@byteLAKE.com


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Ewa Guard:

AI helping address humanity’s greatest challenges like reforestation & illegal dumping detection.

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