Join byteLAKE at Supercomputing 2019 (SC19)

Marcin Rojek
3 min readOct 29, 2019

SC19 is the international conference for high performance computing, networking, storage, and analysis. Join byteLAKE to experience the convergence of AI and HPC as we will be showing our latest solutions along with our partners! We will feature speakers, demos, and more in various locations. Follow us on social media to stay up to date (T, L, F).

byteLAKE at SC19


CFD Acceleration with FPGA

Workshops at SC have always been incubators for new ideas. And I am very happy to see byteLAKE joining this prestigious group of innovators in the field. Grab your passes as we will have a presentation together with Xilinx. We’ll talk about emerging HPC architectures powered by Alveo and how these translate into faster results for science and industry leaders struggling with complex computations, simulations and AI. During our in-depth presentation we will also share results of our research in the CFD field. So… OpenFOAM, CFD, AI or generally speaking all HPC communities: we are looking forward to meeting you and having inspiring discussions! BTW: you will also learn how to face the energy efficiency challenges for your scalable supercomputing architectures as part of our Green Computing related efforts. You can’t miss the presentation and the subsequent discussion!

During the presentation, you will learn more about byteLAKE’s CFD Suite (BCS), a collection of Alveo (FPGA) optimized CFD workloads. First microservices available at launch are: Advection and Thomas Algorithm (linear algebra module). More details soon…

Start: Sunday, Nov 17, 10:45am — 11am
Location: H2RC, 607
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Update for 2020: byteLAKE is currently developing CFD Suite as AI for CFD Suite, a collection of AI/ Artificial Intelligence Models to accelerate and enable new features for CFD simulations. It is a cross-platform solution (not only for FPGAs). More:

Xilinx Alveo in Action: speeding up CFD

Short summary: get results 4x faster at 80% lower energy consumption. Sounds interesting? Meet us to learn more about how we developed and optimized CFD codes for both: CPU-only and CPU+Alveo architectures. Buckle up and experience the speedup and efficiency you can get with FPGA over leading CPUs.

Experience byteLAKE’s CFD Suite (BCS), a collection of Alveo (FPGA) optimized CFD workloads.

byteLAKE’s CFD Suite (BCS) offers:

  • Acceleration = Faster Results
  • Green Computing = Improved Efficiency
  • Microservices = Quick Start
  • Excellent TCO = Cost Saving
  • AI Driven Approach

First microservices available at launch:

  • Advection
  • Thomas Algorithm (linear algebra module)

BCS offers a low barrier entry

  • Scalable on demand
  • As a Service / Cloud
  • On-premise

We will also talk about our roadmaps including application specific, highly optimized OpenFOAM solvers for Xilinx Alveo powered datacenters.

Location: Xilinx booth
Special demonstration: Wednesday, Nov 20, 2pm-6pm
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byteLAKE launching CFD Suite at SC19

Leveraging AI for Reforestation Efforts and AI Training Acceleration with GPU

AI models training taking way too long?

Stop by and learn how we accelerated AI training from 2 weeks to just 6 hours, empowering our scientists to innovate and see results much faster.

To do so we leveraged Lenovo’s Innovation Data Center (and ran our workload on a Lenovo LSR670 ThinkSystem server, using an Nvidia Tesla T4 GPU) to deliver outstanding results. Computer Vision delivers value across industries. See how we leverage drone footage and AI to bring automation and innovation to the forestry. Computer Vision in action: replacing the old, highly manual methods for forestry management and making the process faster, safer and more accurate.

Location: Lenovo booth

byteLAKE speeds-up AI models training leveraging Lenovo’s Innovation Data Center

What’s the next big thing in AI & HPC? What’s emerging? Innovations in the making?

Meet us at any of the above locations and apply for access to the NDA suite to discuss about some of our latest researches and innovations we are working on. Reach out to us directly at: or

See you at SC19!



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