Meet byteLAKE at ISC 2019

June is one of those months when HPC community gathers during various events to share knowledge. And for those who placed ISC High Performance 2019 on their roadmap, byteLAKE, together with Xilinx and Lenovo Data Center have prepared something very special. Here is a lineup of our presentations:

Meet us at Xilinx booth: D-1055

We will share our broad experience in developing highly optimized workloads for heterogeneous computing architectures. We will show what benefits in terms of speerup and energy efficiency you will get when moving from CPU-only nodes to configurations powered by Xilinx Alveo Datacenter accelerator cards. For that purpose, we have prepared a few CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) kernels and benchmarked the performance and efficiency against various setups. We also adapted the kernels to real-scientific scenarios, meaning they can be directly imported to models like MPDATA or EULAG and accelerate for instance your weather simulations.

FPGA-based accelerators like the Alveo U250 offer an excellent combination of performance and energy efficiency.

We achieved almost four-times faster execution of Advection algorithms and up to six-times better performance per Watt, ultimately cutting energy consumption by more than 80%

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Have a look at our short interview we recorded at the booth. It’s about our live demo and the results we achieved when optimizing complex HPC workloads to Alveo powered data center.

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See the video here.

During the show we also announced a collaboration between Xilinx and byteLAKE (read more at: HPC Wire).

Update for 2020: byteLAKE is currently developing CFD Suite as AI for CFD Suite, a collection of AI/ Artificial Intelligence Models to accelerate and enable new features for CFD simulations. It is a cross-platform solution (not only for FPGAs). More:

Meet us at Lenovo booth: C-1220

Ever seen a real tree at the ISC event before? Well, we’ll bring one to better visualize our efforts in mitigating the impact of deforestation.

Did you know that Earth loses nearly 19 million acres of forests per year, which is equal to 27 soccer fields every minute?

During the show, we will present how Computer Vision is solving real-world problems, supporting the reforestation activities.

Also, while in the booth, we will explain how we trained the model and optimized it for high-resolution drones footage and cut the training time from weeks to hours.

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And that is not all. This time we will also show how Artificial Intelligence based solutions can travel towards decentralized environments in a Federated Learning setting.

Federated Learning is crucial for industries that require additional privacy like healthcare as it can train the AI model without accessing the raw data.

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Hope you are excited about the upcoming event. We cannot wait to meet you in Frankfurt! Follow us on social media channels to get the full event coverage.

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Co Founder @ byteLAKE | AI & HPC Solutions | AI for CFD, Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Restaurants, Document Processing etc.

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