Meet byteLAKE. Artificial Intelligence for Chemical Industry, Paper Industry and Manufacturing.

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Artificial Intelligence for Chemical Industry, Paper Industry and Manufacturing.

About byteLAKE
byteLAKE is a software company that builds Artificial Intelligence products for the chemical industry, paper industry and manufacturing. byteLAKE’s CFD Suite leverages AI to reduce CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) chemical mixing simulations’ time from hours to minutes. byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services offer AI-assisted Visual Inspection and Big Data analytics for the paper industry, detecting and visually inspecting the so-called Water Line and complex tasks automation for manufacturing. The company also offers custom AI software development for real-time data analytics (image / video / sound / time-series). To learn more about byteLAKE’s innovations, go to

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► Products:

CFD Suite: AI-accelerated Computational Fluid Dynamics. Now available for the chemical industry, reducing mixing simulations time from hours to minutes.

AI for Paper Industry: AI-assisted monitoring of the papermaking process.

Cognitive Services: AI for Manufacturing. AI-assisted Visual Inspection and Big Data analytics.

► Custom AI Software Development:

AI Workshops: we help implement AI-based solutions across industries.

Edge AI: intelligent devices for real-time data analytics (image/video/sound/time-series).

Cognitive Automation: software robots for complex tasks automation.

HPC: algorithms optimization for many-CPU, GPU, FPGA architectures.

► Incubation:

AI for Restaurants: visual analytics and billing process automation with AI.

brainello: OCR for invoices, AI-powered. Works without templates.

Ewa Guard: AI for drones. Large areas visual analytics.

Federated Learning: leverage AI models across distributed AI applications.

We are also very active in the research space of AI and HPC. We create new knowledge.

Our solutions rock!

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