NEW@POLAND award for byteLAKE

Beginning of 2020 at byteLAKE? Very exciting! We have been honored with a prestigious award NEW@POLAND 2020, by the Polish Association of Private Employers of Computer Science and Telecommunications — Lewiatan.

NEW@POLAND award for byteLAKE

The College of NEW@POLAND Awards composed of Prof. Michał Goliński, Prof. Michał Kleiber, Prof. Andrzej Koźmiński, Prof. Witold Orłowski, Tomasz Klekowski, Piotr Marczuk, Cristiano Pinzauti, Aleksander Szwarc decided to award the award to byteLAKE for:

“Innovative approach and use of the entire spectrum of advanced technologies to create solutions for many social and economic problems.”

“The college appreciated the company’s expertise and outstanding approach.”

This distinction is yet another evidence of a very high assessment of our products and R&D activities. As a company, we focus very strongly on building effective cooperation between the world of science and business. We believe that this is not only the way to innovation but also to implement the wildest and most ambitious projects.

This year the jury appreciated our successes related to the following products creation and deployments:

Update for 2020: byteLAKE is currently developing CFD Suite as AI for CFD Suite, a collection of AI/ Artificial Intelligence Models to accelerate and enable new features for CFD simulations. It is a cross-platform solution (not only for FPGAs). More:

Huge congratulations and thanks to the whole byteLAKE team!

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The NEW@POLAND award was established by Lewiatan to promote efforts related to the development of the information society and technological innovation. The award is intended for projects that most change the way you organize and offer public services as well as for innovative AI solutions. The award promotes companies and organizations contributing to solving important social problems and improving the quality of the state’s relationship with citizens.

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