OCR for invoices with no templates?

byteLAKE’s brainello (OCR for Invoices, no templates needed)

Unlike many of its predecessors, brainello is an engine that uses machine learning to accelerate and automate document processing. Therefore it completely eliminates the need for template or patterns creation.

brainello: AI processing invoices.
  1. your workflow / ERP system forwards subsequent invoices to brainello (can be scans, e-invoices, documents etc.)
  2. brainello quickly returns fields from invoices (although the speed depends on the configuration, we can say that in a typical environment it can process ca. 1800 invoices / hour)
  3. and these go directly back to the workflow / ERP system you have.

brainello engine is designed to keep improving.

From brainello to brainello framework
  1. Someone puts a stack of invoices on a scanner. Relatively, you receive scans or e-invoices via e-mail or any other communication system.
  2. Scans immediately land in designated places.
  3. brainello can pull such scans and distribute them to your company’s subsidiaries.
  4. As a next step, brainello reads fields from invoices and fills in the data directly in your workflow / ERP systems.
  5. Most of the data is entered with 95% confidence level (brainello can pre-verify them) but still, your operator can quickly validate and correct as needed (so that brainello can learn as well and eventually become better and better)
  6. brainello can help the operator by marking data with colors, indicating its confidence level (i.e. green: most likely OK, red: needs some attention) and as needed, display the parts of the documents.
  7. Last step would be to upload the invoice to your workflow, for further processing.
  8. And remember: you did not have to create any templates, at any point in time. Simply say never again to templates.
brainello integration
  • e-mail: brainello@byteLAKE.com
  • cell: +48 508 091 885




Co Founder @ byteLAKE | AI-accelerated CFD | AI for Chemical Industry, Paper Industry, Manufacturing | Industry 4.0

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Marcin Rojek

Marcin Rojek

Co Founder @ byteLAKE | AI-accelerated CFD | AI for Chemical Industry, Paper Industry, Manufacturing | Industry 4.0

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