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Marcin Rojek
2 min readMay 11, 2022


A couple of years ago I decided to start writing a blog about Artificial Intelligence which is at the core of everything we do at byteLAKE. We’ve come down a long road as a team while changing from a pure software services company to a product company. With so many exciting ideas in our backlogs and tons of experiences from successful projects, it’s finally time to share some new updates about our experiences and case studies. Therefore let me warmly invite you to subscribe to Lenovo’s Think AI podcast, available across various streaming services: Lenovo Think AI Podcast | a podcast by Lenovo (podbean.com). This podcast is all about sharing case studies, inspiring, educating & explaining how AI delivers value across industries. I personally am super happy to join the discussion with my Lenovo friends & talk about #manufacturing! Let me know your thoughts after listening to the Episode #2!

Episode #2 @ Lenovo Think AI Podcast | a podcast by Lenovo (podbean.com)

Episode #2

Cognitive Vision Transforms Manufacturing

People are surprised to hear that AI is already transforming manufacturing in terms of efficiency and safety.

Computer Vision is known to have a multitude of applications in manufacturing at every stage of production and in a variety of business functions. These applications include but are not limited to predictive analytics of machinery, accurate assembly of components, and quality control for health, safety, and products. Businesses find it productive to adopt systems that use computer vision technology both for production and management of manufacturing processes.

In this episode, Tikiri Wanduragala, Senior Solutions Consultant and Valerio Rizzo, Lenovo EMEA Head of AI together with industry professional Marcin Rojek, Co-Founder of byteLAKE will examine the challenges and opportunities behind some real-world deployments; from defining KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to estimating ROI of industrial AI applications.

Tune in on Monday 13th June’22 to learn more!

Link to the podcast: https://lenovopodcasts.podbean.com/

Link to the episode: Cognitive Vision Transforms Manufacturing | Lenovo Think AI Podcast (podbean.com)



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