Time to rearrange byteLAKE’s product portfolio. Here’s the update.

Marcin Rojek
2 min readJul 5, 2022

Tech News: time to rearrange byteLAKE’s product portfolio. Here’s the update.

1. CFD Suite (AI-accelerated CFD) is now commercially available for the Chemical Industry. More in the roadmap.

2. Cognitive Services (AI for Paper Industry & Manufacturing) has been rearranged and now split into:

► Cognitive Services for Manufacturing

► Cognitive Services for Paper Industry

► Cognitive Services for Restaurants

We have moved the “AI for Restaurants” project from byteLAKE’s incubator to commercially available products!!!

We will update our websites accordingly and share more insights in the blog. Also, we have finalized the benchmarking projects with our fantastic partners for all of the above products:

• CFDSuite, AI #training optimized for Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group’s SE450, powered by NVIDIA’s A100 #GPU cards. Full report is about to be released. Also available for any HPC configuration (benchmark report). AI predictions and inference are available for various machines, i.e. a laptop powered by Intel CPUs like i5 or i7+.

• Cognitive Services optimized with Intel AI and OpenVINO. Full report is available on byteLAKE’s website. Therefore, all you need is a tiny PC (i.e. Lenovo’s SE50), powered by CPU and sensors (camera or microphones; depending on the selected scenario).

• Cognitive Services for Restaurants is now available as a complete software package for Restaurants together with Simpra Suite (incl. POS/ point of sale, payment terminal integration, cashier desk equipment, inventory management, booking module, and many more).

ALL the above products are now commercially available. This means, that the deployment is straightforward. You pick a scenario (I want to accelerate this CFD solver OR want to monitor the quality of my engine OR want to visually inspect this production process…) and you get:

1. Hardware

2. Calibrated, configured, trained, AI-powered software product(s)

3. Support (from the very beginning until the product is up and running in your facilities, maintenance/warranty included).

Lastly, me and Mariusz Kolanko are super happy to work with such amazing teams. And all the above news wraps up into a very important milestone for all our team, our clients and partners included. Perhaps the biggest change to date is regarding Cognitive Services. We decided to replace “AI-assisted Visual Inspection” and “AI-powered Big Data analytics” modules with more robust and precisely designed and trained modules for select industries. This is a natural evolution for our products: from more generic frameworks to fully focused on a single industry they have been specifically designed for. We are confident that this change will maximize the value we offer to our clients. All existing clients will receive upgrades.



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