Becoming a company founder is like… being born again. That’s right and I’ll say it again: it’s a start of a new life. The only difference is that you reinvent yourself in the world you already know a bit and have a backpack full of useful experiences. However, don't get fooled too much by the content of your backpack. Use it to get started but sooner rather than later you will have to reshape it entirely. Founding a company is not even close to what you could compare with being promoted from a junior employee straight to a VP or CEO position. It’s probably closer to landing naked downtown LA and struggling to get food and clothes all while winning ever-growing respect and delivering extraordinary value to the world you thought you knew but somehow have always been amazed with its winding paths. So yes, experience matters but be prepared to change your perception of it. And yes, if you think about founding your own company, remember, it’s not gonna be easy, you will go thru a lot of ups and downs, one day you'll feel like a hero but there will also be the days of darkness :) But yes, do not let the fear stop you or keep away from that particular dream. If you ask me, it is definitely one of the best and most exciting decisions I have made in my life, right after becoming a husband and a father. It is also the experience that taught me a difference between doing and making. But that’s not what this post was supposed to be about :)

Running a company is also fun. While there might be a number of reasons to put a smile on your face, this time I’d like to share my thoughts about one such reason. A reason so strange that somehow grabbed my attention just recently. It’s about most of the TOP 10s flying on the Internet these days. You know, don’t get me wrong. It’s good to have some sort of rankings but sometimes when you dig into their foundations or learn how they were created, you might be at least a bit disappointed. After a while, you develop resistance and consider them as rather funny than guidance. In fact, I have never been a huge fan of the so-called number-crunchers or reports supposedly predicting the future. I just think that reading them always puts you in a follower position. I have always preferred going into a field and talking to people instead. Such reports might be useful, though only when creating a market for what you already have.

Anyway, going back to the TOP 10s, it is amazing and also in a way sad to see how many entrepreneurs spend a lot of energy…yrrr I mean pure money (yes, many of such rankings are sponsored) to land in a TOP 10 of companies doing XYZ. I just don’t get it why people call it a promotion. I understand sponsored articles, but rankings? It’s not a mystery that many entrepreneurs get e-mails like: “your company has been recognized as a TOP 10 company in… you only need to pay… to be listed”. And guess what, ever since byteLAKE has become visible for delivering delivering AI and HPC solutions, I have been getting such e-mails too. Tons of them landing in my mailbox. I have even been reportedly recognized as one of the top entrepreneurs to watch in 2020. I only need to pay :)

Therefore I only trust TOP 10s where position depends on achievements rather than how much you pay.

Having said that, there are no words to express how proud I am for the entire byteLAKE team for paving a way for both of our brands (byteLAKE and brainello = AI-powered OCR for invoices for which no templates are needed anymore so I’d say that’s how it post to be :) ) into the TOP AI companies in Poland report.

TOP Artificial Intelligence Companies

Moreover, only through outstanding achievements and innovations, our company has also been awarded a prestigious NEW@POLAND recognition. The diploma we received reads:

“Innovative approach and use of the entire spectrum of advanced technologies to create solutions for many social and economic problems.”

“The college appreciated the company’s expertise and outstanding approach.”

Prizes are great. I love them. We love them at byteLAKE. But always listen to what your clients and partners have to say. Listen to your market first and then work on expanding or even changing it.

The voice of your clients and partners and their opinion is of much greater value than anything else.

byteLAKE thru words of our clients and partners

HIGH FIVE to all the entrepreneurs out there, focused on recognition thru value rather than wasting their precious energy on various distractions. Keep the course and give me a buzz on LinkedIn!

Lastly, if you’re looking for help in AI or HPC projects or want to learn more about our products, do not hesitate to reach out to us at welcome (at) We deliver!

byteLAKE = AI & HPC Solutions. Software services and products.

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Thanks for reading this post. Now chase your dreams!

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