AI-powered products for the chemical industry, paper mills, and manufacturing — byteLAKE

byteLAKE’s AI-powered products for the chemical industry, paper mills, and manufacturing.

byteLAKE’s AI Products

CFD Suite (AI-accelerated Computational Fluid Dynamics)

Collection of innovative AI models for CFD acceleration. Currently, the product is dedicated to the chemical industry with others being on the roadmap. It works as an add-on to existing CFD/CAE tools, accelerating simulations related to:

  • mixing process analysis
  • stirred tank analysis.
CFD Suite (case study)

CFD Suite accelerates CFD simulations and in the case of chemical mixing, we have reduced time to results from hours to minutes!

We have recently been recognized as one of the 5 top startups & scaleups working on Computational Fluid Dynamics (link to the report).

byteLAKE in TOP 5 startups working on Computational Fluid Dynamics

CFD Suite leverages AI to accelerate chemical mixing CFD simulations (mixing process analysis, stirred tank analysis).

Learn more about the product on byteLAKE’s website or follow related blog post series

Cognitive Services (AI for Industry 4.0)

Collection of AI models for Industry 4.0. Now available for the paper industry with other industries being on the roadmap. The product helps monitor the paper-making process, detects and measures the so-called wet line (sometimes waterline).

byteLAKE’s Wet Line Detector

Cognitive Services leverage AI to automate visual inspection and Big Data analytics for Industry 4.0. Currently released models are dedicated to the paper industry and use cameras to automate wet line (waterline) detection and measurements.

We will be gradually adding more models to the collection, each dedicated to specific industry needs. Anyway, here’s our general roadmap:

  • Quality monitoring automation
    (visual inspection of products and processes, environment analytics, detecting dangerous situations, events and behaviors etc.)
  • Counting objects
    (objects recognition and quantification i.e. on conveyor belts, elements in objects etc.)
  • Objects recognition
    (camera’s input analysis and i.e. food type recognition, parts types in manufacturing etc.)
  • 3D data analytics
    (robotic arms movement automation with 3D cameras, routing/self-driving robots etc.)
  • Improve Client Experience
    (analyze past interactions/behaviors to enable personalized decisions)
  • Predict outcomes and trends
    (detect anomalies or suspicious behaviors, patterns and make recommendations)
  • Find optimal solutions
    (sensors data analytics to find dependencies, trends and optimal configurations)
  • Better Decisions
    (recommendations based on historic data analytics)



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Marcin Rojek

Marcin Rojek

Co Founder @ byteLAKE | AI-accelerated CFD | AI for visual inspection | AI for car engines sound analytics | AI for Restaurants