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► Meet byteLAKE:

AI: enabling innovative, AI-powered automation and data-driven, proactive operations. Solutions for Fluid Dynamics, Manufacturing, Paper Mills, Chemical Industry, Industry 4.0, Restaurants, Agriculture, Logistics, Construction Industry, Big Data Analytics, Document Processing, and more.

HPC: accelerating time to results and adapting complex algorithms to many-CPU, GPU, FPGA architectures.

Team: PhD/DSc researchers, programmers, mathematicians & data scientists.

► Products:

CFD Suite: a collection of innovative AI Models for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) acceleration.

Cognitive Services: AI for Industry 4.0. Visual inspection, Big Data analytics.

Wet Line Detector for Paper Mills: AI-assisted quality inspection for the paper industry.

brainello: OCR for invoices, AI-powered. No templates! Accelerates and automates document processing.

AI for Restaurants: intelligent cameras that recognize food types and automate the billing process.

Ewa Guard: AI for Agriculture. Large areas visual analytics.

Computer Vision Starter Kits: accelerate product development with our highly optimized AI engines.

Federated Learning: leverage AI models across distributed AI applications.

► Services:

AI Workshops: we help understand the benefits of artificial intelligence and translate ideas into solutions.

Edge AI: highly optimized AI engines to analyze text, image, video, sound, and time-series data.

Cognitive Automation: bespoke RPA solutions, supercharged with AI. Complex tasks automation.

HPC: complex algorithms adaptation and optimization for CPUs (Intel, AMD), NVIDIA GPUs, Xilinx Alveo FPGAs, and ARM solutions. From single nodes to clusters.

We are also very active in the research space of AI and HPC. We create new knowledge.

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