Innovations for the RETAIL industry… SEE YOU AT EUROSHOP 2023!

Euroshop is the world’s no. 1 retail trade fair. And this year, I am exceptionally excited and even thrilled as the team from byteLAKE, a company I co-founded with Mariusz Kolanko, together with amazing partners and our friends from Lenovo and Intel, are going to showcase various innovations we have carefully built for the retail industry.

As the event’s official website says:

In 2023, EuroShop will once again be the international highlight for you and the industry!

From February 26 to March 2, the retail world will meet again in the Düsseldorf exhibition halls. You can be part of it too! We are looking forward to you and your company, to your products, ideas and innovations. And to the international trade audience. Your audience.

I personally cannot wait to meet in person all the fantastic people and innovators within the industry. Especially for this year, we have prepared a live demo of our product: byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services for Restaurants which uses cameras to recognize items and food the clients put on the cashier’s desks. Then it can send a list of these directly to the cashier’s machine for approval or work autonomously, enabling a self-check-out experience. It is effortless to install it at any store, restaurant or hotel. See it for yourself at Euroshop by visiting us at Lenovo’s booth (G57) in Hall 6.

Download our brochure at:

Roadmap: upcoming releases highlights

You will also have a chance to experience how easy it is to install the solution, as well as learn more about the upcoming Q2'23 releases of the product including:
► Restaurant floor monitoring for automated reservations
► Tables occupancy monitoring
► Cameras assisting staff in typical cleaning activities: table needs cleaning, missing napkins, etc.

Integrated with Simpra: end-to-end solution for restaurants

byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services for Restaurants has been integrated with SIMPRA (New Generation Restaurant, Hotel and Payment Solutions), offering a complete, end-to-end restaurant management solution including POS (Point-of-Sale), inventory management, loyalty management, and many more.

Keynote Panel on March 1st @ Euroshop 2023

Do not miss our Keynote Panel Session where we will unveil how AI can leverage and be leveraged by Metaverse technology!

More exciting announcements during the evet

Lastly, together with byteLAKE’s partners, we have prepared a lot more for you this year. There will be some amazing surprises and we will also announce new hardware benchmarks! Follow us on social media to learn more and again, see you at Euroshop, Hall 6, booth G57!

Free voucher!!!

See you at #EUROSHOP! We offer a free #voucher to #Retail customers, who schedule a meeting with our partner, Lenovo OEM team. Claim it here: Lenovo Retail Solutions | Lenovo Tech Today United Kingdom

Let’s schedule a live demo session for you!

Contact us directly if you would like to schedule a meeting or book an individual demo session:

  • Marcin Rojek, +48508091885,
  • Mariusz Kolanko, +48505322282,

Learn more:

Don’t miss our announcements from Euroshop 2023! Follow us on social:



Co Founder @ byteLAKE | AI-accelerated CFD | AI for visual inspection | AI for car engines sound analytics | AI for Restaurants

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Marcin Rojek

Co Founder @ byteLAKE | AI-accelerated CFD | AI for visual inspection | AI for car engines sound analytics | AI for Restaurants