Artificial Intelligence for Industry 4.0 & Restaurants (blog post series) — table of contents

Cognitive Services offers a collection of pre-trained AI models for Industry 4.0 and Restaurants.

  • In manufacturing, these are used to visually inspect processes, parts, components, or products.
  • In automotive, Cognitive Services leverages microphones to assess the quality of car engines.
  • In the paper industry, Cognitive Services leverages cameras to monitor the papermaking process and detect, measure, and analyze the wet line.
  • In restaurants, Cognitive Services typically acts as an add-on software that recognizes meals and sends a list of these to the cashier’s machine, ultimately reducing lines and the overall waiting time.

Table of Contents (latest at the bottom)


  1. Machine Vision, how AI brings value to industries
  2. Cognitive Automation helps where RPAs fall short
  3. Edge AI, Federated Learning, Computer Vision
    Presentation from the webinar
    Video recording
  4. Revolution in factories: Industry 4.0.
    (conference: Made in Wroclaw 2020)

    Video recording (in Polish, English subtitles)
    • Presentation in English, in Polish
  5. AI-accelerated Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations (blog post series)
  6. Backoffice tasks automation: AI for document processing
  7. Recording of “Rapid Bytes, Big Insights” webinar.
    An Eye For Quality Control
  8. byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services, AI for Industry 4.0
    — Nov’20 announcement
    Related presentation on SlideShare (Polish version here)
  9. AI-assisted real-time visual monitoring for paper production (paper industry) (Polish version here)
  10. byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services product presentation and case study for Paper Mill automation (Jan’21)
    (Lenovo’s WinterStock’21 online conference
    • webinar available on-demand: Artificial Intelligence for Industry 4.0: AI-assisted Quality Control in Manufacturing
    • video recording:
  11. Edge Computing meets Industrial IoT — webinars in March’21
  12. Be more productive with AI: AI for Industry 4.0
    (webinar, May 20th 2021)
  13. WHITEPAPER: Wet Line Detector for Paper Industry
  14. Artificial Intelligence — the driving force of Industry 4.0
    (Polish version here)
  15. PRESS RELEASE: Intel & byteLAKE develop AI for Industry 4.0
    • Related case study:
    byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services @ Intel® IoT RFP Ready Kit Solutions Playbook | by Marcin Rojek | Medium
    • byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services approved as Intel’s IoT RFP Ready Kit (link) (note: Intel® IoT RFP Ready Kits Playbook RFP Ready Kits are commercially-hardened, ready-for-customer solution kits built for scale into customer deployments)
    • byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services approved as Intel’s AI in Production solution (link)
  16. byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services — performance benchmark results:
    byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services accelerated with Intel’s OpenVINO
    — benchmark results

    • Download the report:
  17. byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services — new product structure as of Jul’22
    Time to rearrange byteLAKE’s product portfolio. Here’s the update. | by Marcin Rojek | Jul, 2022 | Medium
    Meet byteLAKE: Artificial Intelligence for Industries. AI Products for Manufacturing, Automotive, Restaurants, Paper, and Chemical Industries.
    • From ideas to products — discussion with Intel as part of Inside AI People vlog series (link)
  18. Few articles in Polish / Kilka artykułów po polsku
    • Sztuczna Inteligencja w Przemyśle: czym jest AI? Na czym polega uczenie a czym jest inferencja? Przykładowe zastosowania i opisy wdrożeń. AI + nauka = innowacje, badania, produkty. (link)
    • Sztuczna Inteligencja w Przemyśle: skąd AI wie jak coś zrobić? jak wdrożyć AI w firmie? Od czego zacząć? Ile to kosztuje? (link)
    Sztuczna Inteligencja w Biznesie — szkolenie byteLAKE
    • Zapisy na szkolenie o sztucznej inteligencji: link.
  19. AI in Manufacturing — podcast with Lenovo
    • Article: Podcast about AI — my thoughts about AI in Manufacturing | by Marcin Rojek | Medium
    • Direct link to the episode: Cognitive Vision Transforms Manufacturing | Lenovo Think AI Podcast (
  20. AI in Manufacturing: moving AI from Idea to Execution
  21. More topics to be announced.

Reach out to us to learn more and test Cognitive Services!

Cognitive Services for Manufacturing
Cognitive Services for Automotive
Cognitive Services for Paper Industry
Cognitive Services for Restaurants



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